Right off we'd need to make a plan say I go round to hutchinsons and get tonys number off jack. I was using a mk 3 2Lr cortina after she got ready but stayed in the car while I got it.

a new factory job weeks went by                           Benefits
getting by
presenting the story
Dad set him up covered and cokst good behaviour even infront of mammy who's now gone. I had to get to the beach to meet Dolph it was sunday so I took mary there, I was selling another car in the paper some dude phoned up it was not long before whitley teatime. so I baught a new amplifier out right by then I was over at seghill again and still using you old cortinas a 2 Ltr job I had to keep it was our claires birthday again what a party I suppose me stringing together tunes kept uz to busy to join in. nothing much happened then the next night the guy next door really freaked out coz he'd heard the Stones like wellings
using the police-box was cool
annet had thrown the keys down

FM2X1G'ene was from around the coast she soon finds a way to the clinic  in the new days  annet un alarmed sees her a stay somewhere

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Things at the manor will stay recorded

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Kids Bass OBE factors;

LOCAL AREA| The best bass I ever tryed was a rickenbacker. light and if your good enough man you throw it about wildly small but looks great fits to

                                                            The Parallel Times
   The situation was bad for the real world|| breaking news: : ici - its the big job isn't it

sipped at the table tour yule star Governments were faking affinity with the loonies and building amass together and crying times



©arkwright asylum golf course
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The first female voter

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baby sloath's the killer